Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sacred Topographies: The Body and the Land 2013

A not-for-profit arts and education organization founded in 1977
by Maria-Theresa Duncan and Kay Bardsley
150 East 61st Street, Suite 11C, New York, NY 10065
Sacred Topographies:
The Body and the Land 2013
The Allure of France:
Dancing inside the Symbols
Paris and Environs
March 9 through March 17, 2013
Directed by Jeanne Bresciani, Ph.D.
An Isadora inspired art, movement and metaphor 35th Anniversary
celebratory journey will be centered in Paris, where Duncan honed
her aesthetic sensibilities and forged her reputation as the Muse of
Modernism. Here we shall follow in Duncan’s footsteps visiting sites
that still pulse with connection to her legacy and her life’s passions.
Some days will be dedicated to The Houses of the Muses, the many
museums that comprised the compass of Duncan’s inspiration.
Others will take us on forays into the nearby countryside to
chateaux and cathedrals steeped in centuries’ alchemical,
mythological and theological energies that have been the source of
creative influx for the artists of many epochs. All seminars within
the sites will find us following a flow of gestural expression to honor
the surrounding works of art and to establish ourselves in the
Duncan continuum as ‘living works of art’ in now, then and eternal
time. Special movement sessions will be held in Parisian ateliers in
the company of esteemed European Duncan counterparts - the
acclaimed Barbara Kane and Francoise Rageau of The Isadora
Duncan Dance Group of London and Paris – leading us through
alternately rich and vital reaches of the Duncan tradition. Paris
will be our base for the entire journey and our setting will be chosen
for elegance, charm and affinities to Isadora’s sense of beauty. An
authentic salon performance in which all are invited to participate
will be the culminating event of our journey.
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